Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Poem for WR 441

Yes I have pictures and video just for the heck of it. It amuses me :D

So, yesterday right after class I got an idea for a poem. This maddened me because I wish I could have included it in my book. Though I already wrote my last thoughts for WR 441 I did not write my last poem. So, here it is now, sort of a farewell present to anybody in my class who is actually reading this.


If Pirates
were a lollipop flavor
would you guess it
to be mango?
I believe
that mango
gets rid of scurvy.

But being a Pirate
Isn't about being
a fruity spherical candy

it's about sword fights
hidden treasure
and Orlando Bloom.

But sometimes
It's about the Muppets
Singing "Cabin Fever"

But mostly it's about
Orlando Bloom.

and talking skulls
that tell you
that "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Which really doesn't make sense.
Because it's a skull...
that can talk.

I guess now everything from here on out is totally not going to be for 441...weird.

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